GUEST POST: The Martian

**NOTE FROM MICHELLE: This week, a classmate of mine, Raymond, wrote his Movies and Mixed Drinks-style review of The Martian. This movie was actually on my list, and after seeing his review, I’ll DEFINITELY be watching! I’ll be back next week with a movie review and more alcohol, but enjoy Raymond’s post, and check out his blog called Countries and Culture**

The Martian is a movie that was released in 2015, a survival epic starring Matt Damon. The story is this, an astronaut named Mark Watney is left behind on an expedition to Mars when an unpredicted Martian air turbulence separates him from his crew. Watney has to survive on the harsh Martian planet until a rescue team arrives. He grows potatoes, makes water and becomes the greatest botanist on the planet, since he is the only living organism on the planet itself !

Watney makes considerable calculations for his survival, the amount of potatoes he needs to grow, telecommunication with earth, sign language to show that he is alive etc. The movie focuses on realistic elements, as to how exactly the team on earth is going to bring Watney back home.


  1. Space Astronauts !! Awesome !!!
  2. Great spacesuit designs.
  3. A desert?? No it’s mars, the team probably shot this movie somewhere in the Gobi Desert…
  4. NASA showing how good they are in leaving people behind.. but now they’re doing everything they can to bring him home!
  5. Go Watney! Let no Martian climate get in your way !
  6. Explosions due to making water..
  7. Pathfinder machine..
  8. Potatoes and ketchup.
  9. Counting potatoes.
  10. Google-ish workspaces in NASA?
  11. Going International teaming up with China to bring a human back home!
  12. Video logs? Keeping video logs? Cool.
  13. Everyone is just checking how Watney is? And he doesn’t know about it?
  14. Not telling the crew that one of their crewmates is alive… wow.
  15. Watney complaining about disco music… disco music.. very old..
  16. Helmet cameras awesome!
  17. Reminds me of any survival epic.
  18. China saying that this is a human issue, not a country issue GOOD
  19. Growing 4 years worth of food.. challenging but somehow Watney does it
  20. Running machines in a space center?
  21. Watney leaves Mars by a small rocket, covered with a big blanket? Sweet.
  22. Watney cursing all the time.. real emotions there.
  23. Watney vlogs everything that he does, literally everything.
  24. So Watney is a botanist, mathematician, chemical engineer, and a technician?!
  25. Council of Elrond, Lord of the Rings, awesome
  26. Watney in space growing the beard, the beard.
  27. He must be really lonely up there, being the only human in Mars.
  28. Using sign language to communicate, that pathfinder machine helping Watney!
  29. Fast forwarding the process of setting up the communication device!
  30. Ok, they plan to send supplies to Watney.
  31. The supply rocket failed !?
  32. NASA travels to China.
  33. Scientists’ cousin in China making things easier to get Watney back to earth !
  34. Mindy just stays at NASA, even when everyone is off and are back at home? wow.. work ethic..
  35. That moment when everyone realizes how crazy saving Watney is..
  36. The lazy clever dude.
  37. The dude treating the director of NASA like his old friend.
  38. Bruce saving the day by coming up with an awesome plan.
  39. So they made an explosive in .. the spaceship, in outer space? How?
  40. Kissing on the space helmet.
  41. Wait, so they just retreat back to Mars? Instead of sending another spaceship?
  42. The crew must be having the time of their lives in an additional couple of years in space.
  43. Live broadcast of Watney’s survival..
  44. So everyone is in Times Square celebrating Watney’s rescue!
  45. Watney gets to fly out of the rocket with an air vacuum! Iron man!
  46. Real science, everything is about science.
  47. Trip back to earth!
  49. First thing that Watney says to the captain is how horrible her taste of music is.
  50. But Watney has been listening to her music all the time while in Mars
  51. Crew says Watney needs to take a bath.
  52. So Watney didn’t take a bath for… how long??
  53. I wonder how the crew kills time in a space shuttle with no entertainment.
  54. Watney makes it back to earth.. and he is older.
  55. People respecting Watney for surviving in MARS. Outer space MARS.
  56. Watney is old now.
  57. Watney respects earth green life!
  58. All of the hands up!

Michelle has a final thoughts paragraph at the end of each of her movie reviews. Here is my version:

Final Thoughts: I enjoyed watching the science, the realistic nature of bringing Watney to earth and him surviving in Mars all alone. The movie itself was an epic, rescue scenario and I’m glad that Watney made it back to earth in the end. I loved the visual elements of the movie, the red/brown Martian climate, the cool looking spacesuit designs, the International atmosphere and the tech such as the pathfinder machine, rockets, and space stations. Great movie and I would definitely recommend it to someone else.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Dan O. says:

    Entertaining, but also pretty heartfelt, too. Nice review.


    1. Michelle Corr says:

      I agree!! Raymond did a great job, and this movie 100% moved up on my must-watch list after reading this


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