Wall Street

This week’s movie is the 80’s classic, “Wall Street,” starring Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen, Daryl Hannah, and a whole slew of other famous actors. My dad quotes this movie all the time (as I found out while watching) and I knew it was an essential movie I needed to see.

To drink, I made myself a Dirty Shirley, which ended up fitting because of the dirty deals happening (a bit of a stretch? Totally. Just let me have this one). It’s a super easy drink to make – a shot of vodka, some Sprite, and Grenadine to taste – and it’s also very good. I think it’s a really good summer drink, but it was perfect for a warm-ish fall night too.

Without further ado, my thoughts on “Wall Street!”

  1. No bad movie ever started with Frank Sinatra in the opening credits
  2. Wow this cast is STACKED
  3. Good to know commuting in NYC has always sucked
  4. Seeing movies about finance / Wall Street always makes me feel good about my decision to become a Comm major
  5. Charlie Sheen is the picture of calm though. Nice to see him not all drugged out

    Ya know. Just chillin’ while my life is chaos.
  7. It’s so cool to se a father son duo on camera like that’s probably their real relationship too it’s so cute
  8. “Life comes down to a few moments. This is one of them.” I HAD NO IDEA THAT WAS FROM THIS MOVIE
  9. I like the subtle / not-so-subtle shift of color from Gekko’s lobby to his office from white to black and red.
  10. A portable TV in ’85? That’s so cool
  11. Oh YIKES illegal activity and moral dilemma this early in the movie???
  12. I’m here for it
  13. Gekko is reminding me a lot of Walter White in that I know he’s not a great person but I like him a lot
  14. He makes some good points but also I’m very scared of him.
  15. Omg the robot in Gekko’s house is incredible
  16. Money never sleeps. Neither do I. I feel you on this one, Gekko.
  17. Also your cell phone is ridiculous. And I didn’t think cell phones came out until the early 90’s…..?

    Can you hear me now?
  18. Bud keeps getting sleazier and sleazier
  19. Why do I feel like the technology in this movie is way more advanced than where it actually was in 85?
  20. Omg the little kid is such a nugget he’s so cute
  21. It must be so nice to not even think about money and just buy an apartment on the east side and then decorate it however you want
  23. I wonder if these scenes on the trading floor were actors or if they were real traders that they filmed.
  24. 100% getting Walter White vibes from Gekko.
  25. Oh I’ve seen this whole “greed is good” speech!! It’s definitely more impactful as part of the actual film and not just the clip in class though.tumblr_lzxh0lek291qg4blro1_500
  26. Why do I feel like Gekko is setting up Bud to take the fall for everything he’s doing?
  27. And then eventually Bud will get arrested or something and Gekko won’t help him out?
  28. There is nothing better than Martin Sheen’s laugh
  29. I lied his acting is better
  30. Oh no now Bud’s realizing he has been played. JUST LIKE HIS DAD TOLD HIM
  31. Gekko is kind of freaking me out
  32. Is it really necessary for Bud’s shirt to be open all the time? Like I just don’t think that’s totally called for
  33. The hospital scene must’ve been really really hard to film like I can’t imagine seeing your real life dad in a hospital bed
  34. Oh no. Gekko figured out Bud’s plan
  35. Oh no
  36. Everyone in Bud’s office looks super concerned
  37. I don’t like this
  38. The whole “staring into the abyss” quote is extremely ominous
  41. Definitely didn’t call this fist fight in the middle of Sheep’s Meadow though
  43. WAY TO GO, BUD
  44. Wait, they don’t tell you what happens??? Really????
  45. I mean they probably went to jail but STILL

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really really really enjoyed this movie. It was a bit slow at the beginning but picked up and was extremely interesting and a bit convoluted. I wish I understood more about stocks, but overall it was a very well-done movie.

I feel you, Gordon.

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