Lost in Translation 

The first movie I chose to watch was “Lost In Translation,” starring Billy Murray and Scarlett Johansson. These two actors are among my favorites, and I’ve always heard this movie was really good. And, at the time of viewing, all I had in my house was some Jameson, which ended up blending perfectly with this movie as Bob (Bill Murray) travels to  Tokyo to do some whiskey ads.

For my mixed drink, I made a Jameson Whiskey Sour.  I found the recipe on the Jameson website, and I absolutely LOVED it. It was super easy to make (only four ingredients!), included my favorite liquor (shoutout to Jameson), and let me add maraschino cherries to it. I will definitely be making this drink again!

Now, here are my thoughts about the movie!

(Note: these were typed in real time. If you haven’t seen the movie, they won’t make any sense. Also, spoilers.)

  1. Opening scene is a butt. Didn’t know I signed up for this.
  2. Omg Bill Murray is the tallest one in the elevator. I shouldn’t be laughing this hard.screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-29-49-pm
  3. I hope the whole “Billll Murray being tall” is a recurring theme.
  4. This commercial shoot is what I imagine Hollywood to be like in English as well.
  5. And this is also how I feel in philosophy classes.
  6. ScarJo is so pretty like I am actively angry at how pretty she is even when she’s not wearing makeup.
  7. It’s pretty sad how alone she is. But she’s not really. Ugh
  8. I hope the directors didn’t tell Bill Murray that this scene with the prostitute was happening and these are just his genuine reactions to the situation.
  9. Why doesn’t Times Square have a building that shows animals and dinosaurs crossing it. @DeBlasio get on that.
  10. I think my new career aspiration is whiskey model.
  11. Bill Murray on the elliptical is me after every weekend.billmurray_elliptical
  12. The classic meet at a bar scene.
  13. Under water shots of water aerobics is my new favorite thing
  14. I get the kind of character they’re making ScarJo but it also makes her seem very pretentious and I have very mixed feelings about it.
  15. $10 that ScarJo’s hubby is cheating on her
  16. Bill Murray’s wife is so passive aggressive with the home renovation thing I love it
  18. Bill Murray with all these young people is how I feel when I go to Mugz and it’s full of freshman.
  19. When did ScarJo dye her hair pink???
  20. Oh. It’s a wig. I missed that part.screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-4-41-59-pm
  21. I can’t tell if their relationship is flirty or friendship-y or like a father-daughter relationship and it’s kind of creeping me out
  22. Flirty. It’s flirty.
  23. It must be so hard to not speak a language and have to go to the doctor or do anything really.
  24. This topless bar / strip club scene is making me uncomfortable.
  25. Oh good they also felt uncomfortable and left **praise hands emoji**
  26. This movie further proves that Anna Farris is a goddess.
  27. Ok the note under the door thing is so cute.
  28. I don’t understand why neither of them think to just take an Ambien and go to sleep
  29. Aaaaaand here’s the bedroom scene I predicted
  30. Wait this isn’t what I predicted. This scene is so sweet. I love this
  31. Also decided they just needed friendship so it might be flirty but it’s friend-flirty. If that makes any sense.
  32. Either way, I love their relationship and how close they are.
  33. Tokyo seems so beautiful from this movie I want to go there.
  34. I hope all Japanese talk shows are actually like that.
  35. Oh YIKES caught with ANOTHER woman.
  36. ScarJo is gonna be so pissed
  37. But also I’m a little mad she’s heartbroken about this? Like they’re both married. They should know better.
  38. Ok I take it back they’re in love.
  39. He can’t just LEAVE they’re in LOVE he has to DO SOMETHING.
  41. But what did he whisper to her.
  44. I refuse to believe that’s the last time they saw each other.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I really enjoyed the movie. I definitely have some issues with the characters and their life choices, but all-in-all it was a great movie.



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